Let's face it, sometimes data is not as accurate as we would like it to be, and the only way to get accurate data is to send out a team to take inventory of the data. TWiG’s application can be customized to your exact data requirements. As of January 1, 2019, our team of seasoned auditors have over 1,200,000 audited fixtures and assets under their belt and are equipped to collect the data you need. We provide you with the real-time accurate data that you need to make your job easier. These are some of the ways our clients use TWiG and its services:

Do you need info about your existing infrastructure?

Do you manage infrastructure upgrades or maintenance projects? TWiG Can Help.


Collect Information for Any Asset Type

  • Poles

  • Joint use and 3rd Party Attachments

  • Manholes

  • Traffic Lights

Update and/or Create a GIS Database

Many of our clients need to create or update their own GIS databases. We collect the data they need and provide it to them in a detailed electronic inventory file compatible with common GIS software, so they can create or update their database.

Pre-Infrastructure Upgrade Documentation

Several clients are in the process of upgrading infrastructure across several municipalities. We help them find out what assets exist so they can plan accordingly and order the exact bill of material.

Regular Maintenance Scheduling

Some assets need regular maintenance work. TWiG allows our clients to keep track of these assets and lets them know when it's time to perform maintenance on a given asset along with providing proof that each location was visited and the amount of time that was spent at each location.

Inventory Billing Validation

Our clients have their own clients that they serve and bill accordingly. To make sure they are providing their clients with accurate information, we help them validate their inventory and make sure they have accurate data for their billing cycles.

Telecom Site Walks

As the telecom industry looks to continuously improve cellular service for customers, it is important to know the premiere locations for small cell installations.  TWiG assists in collecting and providing that core data to make those decisions more accurately.

Infrastructure Assessment

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. A meteorological phenomenons can negatively impact infrastructure and create an unsafe environment. We quickly assess damages to plan recovery.

Post Infrastructure Upgrade Documentation

After the infrastructure has been installed, we are asked to document all attributes related to the new installations.









Users of Our Services

Cellular Companies




Electrical Contractors

Engineering Firms