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What We Do For Our Clients

Let's face it, sometimes data is not as accurate as we would like it to be and the only way to get accurate data is to send out a team to take inventory of what is out there. TWiG can be customized to your exact data requirements. Our team of seasoned surveyors have well over 275,000 surveyed assets under their belt and are equipped to collect the data you need. We provide you with real time accurate data needed to make your job easier. These are some of the ways our clients use TWiG and its services:

Many of our clients need to create or have their own GIS databases which need updating. We collect the data they need and provide it to them in CSV and/or KML format so they can update/create their database.

Several clients are in the process of upgrading infrastructure across many municipalities. We help them find out what assets exist so they can plan accordingly.

Some assets need regular maintenance work. TWiG allows our clients to keep track of these assets and lets them know when it's time to perform maintenance on a given asset.

Our clients have their own clients who they serve and bill accordingly. To make sure they are providing their clients accurate information, we help them validate their inventory and make sure they have accurate data for their billing cycles.

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Meteorological phenomenon can negatively impact infrastructure and create an unsafe environment. We quickly assess damages to plan recovery.

After infrastructure has been installed, we are asked to document all attributes related to the new installations.

TWiG is flexible enough it can be used to collect information for any asset type. Here are just a few asset types TWiG can be used for:

Does your team need a tool to help them manage their surveys or installations? They can use TWiG! Reach out to us and we can schedule a demo, answer all the questions you have and train your team to use TWiG!