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TWiG is a field engineering company that provides Ground Truth on Every Asset through mobile field teams and various forms of infrastructure data collection technology.


In April 2023, TWiG Technologies acquired Ruettiger, Tonelli & Associates, Inc. (RTA).

RTA is an integrated engineering, design, and geographic information technologies firm that provides its public and private clients effective and efficient project designs.


TWiG Customers



TWiG offers field engineering to support the safe installation of new infrastructure and attachment to existing infrastructure to expand networks.


TWiG improves the safety, reliability, customer experience, and efficiency of utility infrastructure.

Engineering Firms

TWiG conserves engineering firms staffing and financial resources by providing field engineering services necessary for infrastructure design.

Additional Customers

  • Cities

  • Energy Supply Companies

  • Electrical Contractors


Our clients seek to maintain, create, or upgrade their existing infrastructure but are typically uncertain of the number, type, location, and condition of fixtures comprising their current inventory. Our team provides you with the real-time and accurate data that you need to make your job easier.

Technology Features


TWiG GIS Mapping Application

A customizable cloud-based iOS software technology that provides clients with critical data before, during, and after infrastructure, billing, and GIS upgrades.

Laser Measured Imaging

Designed for quick and accurate optical measurements of displacement, distances, positions, and profiles

Wood Pole Inspection Drilling

The art wood testing systems developed to provide accurate and precise data of the internal structure of wood products.

Drone Technology

Drones can transform dull, dirty and dangerous maintenance activities by providing a bird’s eye view of the infrastructure and its assets. All this while reducing risk and saving money.

Utility Locates

Public, private and residential utility location to determine the presence and location of subsurface utilities.

Trained Field Team

The TWiG difference: an experienced field team, our in-house team of data analysts, field engineering technology, real time reporting, flexibility and impeccable safety record.


Our highly trained professional field team measures plots of land to identify boundaries for design and construction purposes.

Infrared Imaging

See through rain, snow, fog, and smoke. Excellent to use in day or night to bypass the limitations of visible cameras and image intensified devices.

TWiG Partnership with ikeGPS



To date, TWiG has had minimal OSHA reportables, and all employees undergo OSHA safety training at on-boarding.

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