Technology & Reporting


Reporting After Survey Completion

A detailed electronic inventory file can be provided to our customer at the completion of their audit(s).   The export file types available are listed to the right, ensuring a smooth data transfer into your system.

Audit data can be downloaded from the TWiG application in CSV and KML format, emailed, or accessed via the TWiG API. TWiG’s web interface is accessed via Hyperlink or Access Code,  allowing users to view project status in real-time.


Customized Reporting Samples

  • Flag a fixture/asset as nonexistent via the quick editability

  • Require certain field inputs to be required every time information is updated

  • Require certain field inputs to be required for a fixture/asset to be flagged as complete

  • Display a ‘+’ on a pin if it was created in the field rather than imported

  • Limit which user can create new assets in the field