About TWiG


TWiG is a customizable cloud-based software technology and service that provides clients with critical data before, during, and after infrastructure and database upgrades.

  • TWiG can be customized to your exact data requirements. Our team of experienced auditors are well-equipped to collect the data you need.

  • Our clients seek to maintain, create, or upgrade their existing infrastructure and or database but are typically uncertain of the number, type, location, and condition of fixtures comprising their current inventory. 

  • Our team provides you with the real-time and accurate data that you need to make your job easier.  


Services Include:

  • Streetlight Audits

  • Third Party Attachment Audits

  • Pole Attachment Audits

  • General Asset Audits

  • Infrastructure Condition Assessments

  • Installation Project Management

  • Asset Maintenance Tracking

  • Personnel for Auditing

  • Asset Audit Reporting

  • Data Management

  • Updating Billing and GIS Databases

Our Users of Service:

  • Cellular Companies

  • Utilities

  • Municipalities

  • ESCO’s

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Engineering Firms

  • DOT’s

  • Cellular Companies

TWiG Provides:

  • Ground Truth On Every Asset In Inventory

  • Customized Reporting

  • Reduction in Field Visit Redundancy

  • Safety Through Technology 

We Offer Custom Options:

  • Technology

    • TWiG Application

  • Service

    • TWiG Auditors and Data Analyst Team

  • Product

    • Downloadable Results

Data Assets Include:

  • Streetlights

  • Poles

  • Joint Use and 3rd Party Attachments

  • Manholes

  • Traffic Lights

  • Sign Structure

  • And many other infrastructures
    TWiG Technologies, LLC is a Will Group Company

  • GIS Data Analysis

  • Real-Time Project Documentation

  • Pre-Installation Audits

  • Post-Project Verification/Quality Control

  • GIS Mapping

  • As Built Documentation

  • Billing Assessments

  • GIS Assessments

  • Customizable GIS Software Development

  • Data Integration

  • Corrosion Analysis and Mitigation

Our Process


Six Reasons to Choose TWiG Technologies: