Where It All Began….


In 2014, The Will Group (TWG) — a lighting supplier based in Chicago — began offering street light data collection services to our utility and municipal clients. These clients sought to maintain, create, or upgrade their existing lighting fixture infrastructure but were uncertain of the number, type, and location of fixtures comprising their inventory.

Joshua Davis implemented the TWiG application and service in 2014 after recognizing the need for an asset auditing service which would benefit municipalities and utilities such as ComEd, NIPSCO, IPL, and Pepco. This service would seek to maintain, create, or upgrade their existing infrastructure database and eliminate the difficult challenge of determining the number of assets, type, location, and their condition. Since its establishment, TWiG has branded itself as a resourceful team and business partner that has worked with utilites, municipalities, and city leaders across the nation for asset audit and installation projects.

About The Will Group

Thirty-two years after our establishment, The Will Group (TWG) consists of several different companies that are prominent within the lighting and electrical industry – Electrical Resource Management (ERM), Lyons View Manufacturing and Supply (LV), Lighting Solutions of Illinois (LSI), and TWiG Technologies (TWiG).

Our companies have superseded their respective roles to go beyond the traditional boundaries of lighting businesses – branding itself as a provider of complete industry solutions that make positive contributions to its clients’ bottom line. Operating under the philosophy and mission “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way”, the corporate culture of The Will Group fosters ingenuity and creativity with every endeavor.

Our competitive distinction is our ability to be an encompassing single source provider for our clients’ lighting, manufacturing, and sourcing needs. We represent some of the industry’s most prominent lighting fixture and pole manufacturers. Our in-house team is fully trained on our infrastructure assessment software and are experts in assembly.

Stephen L. Davis, Chairman, The Will Group

Stephen L. Davis, Chairman, The Will Group

TWiG is a customizable application used to collect data at a specific location in real-time. It is currently used to collect, store, and track data for streetlights, smart nodes, poles, manhole covers, duct banks, small cell towers, electrical controllers, traffic lights, sign structures, vehicle detectors, 3rd party attachments and more. As of January 1, 2019, the team has successfully imported and audited over 1,220,000 assets within the TWiG application. TWiG is managed and maintained by our development team. Our development team has allowed for TWiG to be maintained and updated regularly. Most importantly, it has given the flexibility to accommodate the needs of its clients in a quick and efficient manner.


TWiG Technologies, LLC is a Will Group Company

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"My father’s name was William Edward Davis. Friends and family called him “Will.” He lived to the age of 80 and at the time of his death he had worked for the same family in Knoxville, Tennessee, for nearly 65 years. William “Will” Davis was a hero to my six siblings and me. When I started The Will Group, I had a vision of a business that would honor my father and would promote the core values of integrity, pride, and hard work he was well known for. This dynamic business environment could then inspire the development of additional businesses that could be managed by one or more family members, and/or key stakeholders who aspire to the same values. Today, my vision has become reality as several companies are now owned and operated by descendants of Will Davis. Although each Will Group company is a separate, distinct, and independent entity, all operate with the common philosophy “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.” I believe my father would be proud. My family and I thank you for your support." - Stephen L. Davis, Chairman, The Will Group


Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way.

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